Easy Guide to Splendid Siem Reap


After spending almost my entire day on the road from Bangkok, finally I arrived in the beautiful town of Siem Reap before the sun hides. Without plans on arriving, I just took a tuktuk whom I asked to bring me to some guesthouses or hostels in the city on which well, suite to my budget. Good thing! You don’t worry because each driver in Siem Reap has plenty of connections from the cheapest accommodation to luxurious hotels and I got mine for $6 per night. Not bad for a long stay – love the swimming pool.

It is not that hard to roam around the city. In fact, I didn’t have a rented motorbike instead I picked one bicycle which was available that time at the guesthouse. It’s quite an adventure alongside with fitness and traffic situation in the city is way manageable but don’t take it very easy and think of your safety always.


The center itself floods a large number of tourists on such locations including the Pub Street, the Old Market and the Night Market. Nightlife in the city is also noted to be wild especially in the famous Pub Street where people are coming in every corner to choose their favorite pubs and bars to hang out. I’ve been there twice in late night and the crowds are going crazy. I’ve visited the Night Market several times too for souvenirs and to get a closer look of the Siem Reap River and shop booths.  Talking of souvenirs, I am pretty much of Sandos and T-shirts and shorts; they’re my favorites since I can use them along the way.

The Preah Promreath Pagoda nearby just across the Siem Reap River from the Night Market is one of the known pagodas in the city. I just found these Buddhist pagoda while driving my bicycle around anywhere in the town. The street situation in the town is not that bad, just pedal all the way to get to know every corner and have a glimpse of the city’s premise.



Siem Reap is the gateway to the ravishing Angkor Wat. It’s the main attraction of the place and not seeing the Angkor so does the other temple ruins around is a perfect mistake. Just don’t miss it. On the streets, there are a lot of locals using motorbikes as their daily transportation so take a little precaution when driving around. Locals are also willing to help you; they are very approachable and easy to deal with.


How to get to Siem Reap

There were numbers of land borders from Thailand to Cambodia; the popular one going to Siem Reap is the Aranya Prathet – Poipet leg.

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From Poipet border, just take the free shuttle bus heading to the Poipet Tourist Passenger Terminal and there you can have your $10 one way transportation to Siem Reap. In my case, it’s a shared van of 10 persons.

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Where to stay

Of course, every place has nice, cool, elegant, cheap and expensive accommodations. You’ll just need to pick one of your choices. In my part as a budget traveler, I always stick to my below $10 rule. Good to be at the Moonlight Kiss Hostel – AC dorm for $6 and a pool at the backyard.

Where to eat

Everywhere! I don’t have names but there are plenty of places where you can dine in and have your delicious Cambodia cuisine.

Money matters

Cambodia is often called a One Dollar country. US Dollars are widely accepted and even in ATM withdrawals, machines dispense US Dollar bills. Convenient indeed! You have the choice if you want to have Cambodian Riel or US Dollar. Fantastic!



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