How Do I Find Backpacking Alone

Traveling thing nowadays is clearly very popular in everywhere and in all aspects though it is like a drug. With family or even friends, there’s constantly a way for an ultimate escapade. But solo traveling? Exactly alone? Frankly speaking, this type is precisely dissimilar. For me it is not the same like an ordinary travel outing. How could I say that? Because it’s simply just being yourself and being with yourself alone along the road really matters all. It’s somewhat bizarre.

The Prasat Bayon Temple – Siem Reap, Cambodia


A year ago, traveling became my passion that took my life into a different path. The road to wanderlust which most likely, the best decision I ever had without having even a single regret. At first I do feel extreme loneliness but that’s just an emotional state where it has no chance of swallowing me as a whole instead I found it to be more exploited and thrilling. I was unsure that I was capable of doing such arduous affair. I don’t know how it goes afore to what I am now and all I have way back then were my courage and perseverance until the shell broke and everything I had to came on the road sways to be manageable.

The Deck View – San Fernando, El Nido, The Philippines
Wat Pho – Bangkok, Thailand


Honestly, it’s quite daunting like anybody does specially on their first escapology. I remember before I was left by the boat I used to take going to an island because I arrived late at the terminal and that was the last trip of the day and that was the only option I knew that time. I can’t risk myself too to have a night perhaps somewhere outside or even inside the terminal. Well, I’m just thinking of my own personal safety. Anyhow, fortunate for me, there’s a scant vessel available for a higher fare then without any hesitation, I grabbed one ticket.

For some, solo traveling is boring and yes it is if you don’t know how to get rid of your boredom. Am I right? You cannot escape on that and neither do I. It’s the number one enemy. But! There is always a way to eliminate and efface restlessness. Simply make friends, roam around, talk to the locals, take pictures, don’t be a lonely dude out there like you own the world. Wherever you are now there is always a room for you. Remember that you are traveling to make yourself happy and not to be lonely. In my part, I am traveling to make myself aware of how really beautiful the world is and that what makes me happy. I conquer my boredom by talking to people and making new friends. And if you’re a shy one who can’t mingle with others then maybe it’s your time to come out.

Fort Santiago – Intramuros, Manila, The Philippines


Notre Dame Cathedral – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Budgeting is the most entertaining one on the road. I don’t know for others but for me it is. Call me crazy it’s really fine with me. I love managing my money, separating the other from other, labeling and what so ever. I just love budgeting wherever I go. Wait! Haggling too. It’s so much fun. On the other hand, another interesting thing is friendship. You can always find and have friends on your way like me. Despite of nationality or whatever the reason, they just suddenly coming at you without expectation. Chatting to each other, laughing together, hanging out with some beer, I could say it’s incredibly amazing.


Backpacking alone made and shapes me into a different person now and still continuing. It’s like everything to me is more valuable and need appreciation may it be simple or what else. I have learned to handle things on my own. I became more optimistic. Become more friendly and flexible. From all of my experiences, I’ve found it very exceptionally wonderful. There’s no words can explain how do I feel all that I know is I’ve found my firm on which I am passionate. I’ve found my comfort zone.

The Silver Pagoda – Phnom Pehn, Cambodia


Rizal Park (Luneta) – Manila, The Philippines

Traveling alone is a tough one but I can assure you that while you’re on the road, hitting your journey, you’ll find all things become easy I swear, I’ve been there many times. I just enjoy every moment of my life being in one fascinating, mysterious and brand new place where there’s a touch of freedom and excitement in anything I involved do. Okay, then how do I find backpacking alone? To sum up everything I’ve been though, I found it to be unimaginable and remarkably ravishing. An amazing and great opportunity even I am doing it all just by myself, I always have a wide smile on my face and very thankful for everything. Indeed traveling is the only thing I buy that makes me richer.








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