Soak Into the Pool of Bulalacao Waterfall

BF01My friend had just departed to her next destination and sadly I was left all by myself as a solo traveler again for another day before leaving also. I was able to invite her about having a one more turn around El Nido either way by motorbike but I got a sorry and no [laughs]. On the day, my plan to roam around El Nido for the last time happened; I rented a motorbike and started my whole day trip happily alone. Driving far away north to marvelous beaches, aesthetic plains and even been partly stuck because my gas tank’s empty. Lovely!

On my way back before the sun bid its goodbye, I made a plan to visit Bulalacao Waterfall last so I drove my way on a bumpy dusty unpaved road of El Nido. Honestly, upon arrival, I found myself the only person at the departure area waiting for someone whom I don’t know to guide me going to the waterfall (the woman I asked told me that I need a guide since some who haven’t will possibly get lost). Sounds good eeiihh? Another thing, the departure area where I was looks like an abandoned wooden house and surprise! No one’s living or staying there that time. I’m quite terrified. Okay! I’m just thinking I’m into a strange adventure at the moment. “This is fantastically great!”

Fortunately there were two visitors (foreign nationals) arrived and two kiddos as tour guide came after, then we started our 30 minutes trek to the waterfall.  The trail was simply amazing and not that hard to overcome. We’ve crossed streams and passed tall trees “We’re in the jungle”, the ambiance was incredibly natural (hoping to find Tarzan). Thumbs up to the wilderness!



At last, after minutes of walking, it’s time to seize the occasion to swim. Bulalacao waterfall has crystal clear cold water running from the vast forest and mountains of El Nido. Imagine that you’re doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, that’s how cold the water is. No kidding. Just scream upon soaking yourself into the pool, its okay and no one will hear you in the middle of the woodland.


Plus, the place is very silent and calm though you can have the whole place all by yourself for relaxation. Such a very nice hidden natural wonder that everyone will love. It’s not crowded too because only a few do come to see the waterfall due to its location but I think everyone should not miss this spot. Cool place to refresh entirely from where you’ve been to.



Your guide will also with you upon returning to keep you safe going out of the woods. Although some visitors just leave without the guide it’s still important to have them. Just don’t take any risk!

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There are many ways to get to Bulalacao Waterfall. Either you rent a tricycle (1,000-2,000 Php/round trip), a motorbike with driver (1,000-1,500 Php/round trip), by bicycle (300-400 Php/day) or self-rented motorbike (500-700 Php/day). Entry fee to the waterfall is (50 Php) and Guide is (100 Php).

Bulalacao Waterfall is situated in Pasadeña town about 15 kilometers north of El Nido town proper. The waterfall is very easy to find to the fact that it is on every map all over the town. For cheap, I would highly suggest to rent a motorbike, it might be you’re going by yourself, in two or in groups. Bicycle is more cheaper but don’t hesitate to take one. It’s awful! You will end yourself very tired and exhausted or maybe you’ll not be able to reach your destination (if you’re very fit enough, yes you could and you can) because even the road is well paved it has ups (the difficult state) and downs.





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