Useful Travel Mobile Apps That I Use

Travelling become more easy nowadays because of technology, as simply as just carrying your phone you can now access too many portals on how to plan your next big trip. Also with the help of free wifi, surely you’ll have nothing to be worried of! On my phone, I managed my apps right on the first slide menu so that I could open them up quickly.  I’m now thinking might be we are using the same mobile apps or not, anyhow, here’s my list of travel apps that I have on my phone ready to help me right away which could likewise help you too.

SKYSCANNER.KAYAK.jpgSkyscanner and Kayak

These hassle free flight booking engines are my best buddy for searching low and cheap airfares. I used to compare them both all the time. Great deals are popping every time all around might it be you’re flying in a one way, round trip or multi-city Skyscanner and Kayak can absolutely accommodate you.  The difference of the two, Skyscanner allows you to book for flights only while on the other hand Kayak offers Hotels, Flights and Cars.

Skyscanner and Kayak apps are both available in Play Store.


From ordinary budget rate guesthouses to five star luxurious hotels, count on them to these two frontrunners. Booking stays are just right on your hands to secure you a perfect place wherever you go. The only difference of the two is; Agoda will get the payment deducted on your credit/debit card immediately after you transact and booking is confirmed. Meanwhile, will not get the payment instead you’ll pay it on the accommodation’s front desk when you arrived (they need your card’s information too for instances like cancellations). has a downloadable city guide that you can use offline.

Agoda and apps are both available in Play Store.

xe.JPGXE Currency

The most accurate and up-to-date currency exchange rates are flooding here. By this app, you now have the base price of the currency you want to exchange. It has a Rate Advisor for comparison to market rates giving you the percentage and the local amount of difference. You can also view the Charts for flow rate, Market Analysis for analysis and news, Currency Profile for base currency and free Money Transfer to 35+ countries.

XE Currency app is available in Play Store.


You won’t get lost on these two applications. With labels, routes or even plan your route with corresponding duration of travel and length of travel and with the options to choose either you take by train, bus, car or walk, it’s all in here. MAPS.ME is an offline map, you can absolutely use it anywhere. Also usable by GPS, just turn on and it will show where exactly you are and it’s moving the way you move from place to place (blue arrow mark). On the other hand, Rome2Rio is a route planning engine having lots of transportation options to choose and with accompanying prices on it.

MAPS.ME and Rome2Rio apps are both available in Play Store.

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Maybe you noticed that I do not have an app for finding where the best place to eat (options: MAPS.ME can also be used shown by a dining icon). The reason is I don’t currently use any individual app in line with that since I use to head to the local markets and street foods or nearby local eatery. If someone of you has a nice mobile app for food searching, then share it to me so I can try and give it a shot. I will appreciate it very much.




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    That is interesting, I didn’t know some of them!

    If you like to travel, stop-by my blog, I wrote a few travel articles 🙂


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