How I Handle and Save Money While Travelling


It’s a good question that needs an answer.

First, just as much as everyone does for easy access of money, you need have to open your own bank account. Travelling nowadays is really difficult if you carry bunch of cash with you and I guess it is not totally advisable. Just have a stash of few cash will do in case of emergencies. For Filipinos (like me), opening an account in the Philippines is just a snap either you’re a working individual or not still you can have one over the banks’ counter.

m03.JPGWhat I Have for Travelling?

In my part, I have two accounts in two different Philippine Banks, the Banco de Oro (BDO) and the Philippine National Bank (PNB), both Debit Mastercards and recently I opened new account through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), a Debit Cirrus one. Maybe some of you will notice that all my accounts were in Debit cards know why? Just as much like Credit cards, the Debit one also has the same function as Credit cards, the only difference is the withdrawal through ATM’s which is very helpful. Yes! You can withdraw money on any ATM’s worldwide as long as there’s a Mastercard logo visible.

I used my Debit Mastercards for online shopping, booking flights and accommodations online.


I always set daily budget per day including accommodation, food and transportation and if there’s left from it, that money will automatically drop through my savings (I used my PNB one for savings).

In terms of accommodations, usually I booked for 1 or 2 nights and see how it goes. I stay longer on the cheapest one while on the expensive ones (in some places, cheap stays are not available), I have no choice but to book just for 1 night and look for a cheaper stay around (ask locals and they know one). Customary, walk-in accommodation booking (on the spot) is better than online reservations where prices vary differently.

Setting daily budget perimeters for foods, usually I go to local eatery or to the market to find low cost healthy foods. Bring some snacks if you’re travelling for long hours. Drink more water, it helps you feel full. For transportations, I always came up on renting a motorbike, it’s very cheap and you can go anywhere you want. You’ll become more flexible when you do it. A money saver than hired a tour guide where you know you can do it by yourself.

Don’t’ forget that saving money is very important on the road. More savings, more places, the more you stay longer. Ooppsss! I forgot. Don’t be shy to haggle.

_____ * _____

So, before you head on to your next big trip, be sure to organize your money for easy access everywhere. Have one for expenses and one for savings. That will help. For a choice, it’s up to you whether you like Credit or Debit cards; you decide which one suite for you. Set daily budget so you’ll not ended up broke the next day.


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