Pedalling Around The Little Charming Mui Ne

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and other wild water activities, that’s what makes Mui Ne really famous! Well, not everyone can do it (including myself) instead I or we would rather choose to have a good place anywhere on it’s stretch of white sand beaches. Mui Ne is a lovely place and a beach paradise just a couple of hours of travel from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). In fact and to be straight to the point, you can explore Mui Ne in just a day covering all popular spots to visit. Here are some the places around you must check.

champatower.JPGChampa Towers

Have a closer look to these aged tower ruins located southwest of Mui Ne. Stood and rooted up in a hill with the beautiful scenery of Mui Ne’s magnificent coastline and so does the lovely town of Phan Thiet. Champa Towers is one of the quiet place to visit especially for sunset lovers.

fishingvillage.JPGFishing Village

Be amazed to those blue colored wooden boats floating and at anchored on Mui Ne’s fetching seashore. There are so many of them right close to the town center which is very ravishing to have a perfect shot and a look all day.

IMGP1764.JPGRed Sand Dunes

Red Sand Dunes is one of the popular sand dunes in Mui Ne. It is very close to the town center going north so you won’t get lost finding it. You can reach Red Sand Dunes by either motorbike or bicycle and it’s free of admission. Though this sand dunes is really close to the center, it has fewer visitors than the White Sand Dunes afar.

fairystream.JPGFairy Stream

Set your naked feet to these beautiful spot in central Mui Ne. Why naked feet? Because any kind of footwear is a no go. You will be walking along the stream with a great view of rock formations, san dunes and green trees. It is one of the most crowded place to visit in the town, head here like by 3-5pm if you want to escape crazy bunch of crowds.

whitesanddunes.JPGWhite Sand Dunes

Located far north of Mui Ne, White Sand Dunes the most famous of all the palces to visit in the town. Better take a taxi or rent a motorbike if you want to go here. At the area, such activities offered will be the ATV (600,000 dongs) where I’ve found to be the best thing to do.
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Mui Ne is prettily accessible via vans and busses that runs from departure
areas such as Nha Trang, Dalat or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Almost every accommodations/stays can arrange one for your trip. 

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