A Guide To Visiting Hoi An, Central Vietnam


Although all the places I’ve been in Vietnam were all made a great impact in myself, I can’t accept the fact that getting rid of the comely Hoi An town is literally very difficult. It’s one of my favorite places in Vietnam. Such a fascinating and eye-capturing place that a must to visit but as one of the major tourist destination in Vietnam, expect that it is fully packed with visitors who want to take their ultimate vacation into satisfaction.


For a rewind, Hoi An’s past was carved in details through its historic aged old quarter located just in the center of the town, that’s what makes it more captivating to everyone who pays a visit. And when the time you get yourself within the old quarter, your eyes will definitely starting to play with the ravishing colors through its small streets and alleys, the old buildings, temple/pagodas, souvenir shops and most especially the hanging lanterns that beautifully glow each and every night.



Hoi An is also a place for the beach lovers, thinking it’s the rival of Mui Ne. Its coastline is really captivating and playful and you might find yourself lying on one of the mushroom-like cottages. Such beaches you must check are those in the stretch of An Bang which I’ve found very beautiful.



Like everyone does, explore what Hoi An has to offer by motorbike or pedal around with a bicycle and find yourself to those lovely sceneries, historic places such as the My Son Ruins, crowd less beaches or even a short visit to the nearby city of Danang.


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Where to stay

Wanting to have a peaceful place to stay but still very accessible to the town center? Yellow House Homestay (3 beds AC Dorm – $5/night with breakfast) is one of the perfect choices. For an option that is closer to the old quarter with a social interaction to other travelers, then stay at Hoa Binh Hotel (Dorm at $6/night with breakfast). The hotel has an indoor swimming pool too.

Where to eat

Although there are plenty of choices to choose from, the old quarter is still the best place to eat. Some other options are those local restaurants around just outside the old quarter or better head to Hoi An Market.

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Regular buses are widely available going straight to Hoi An or via Danang and usually it’s a night bus especially if you’re departing from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Dalat. It’s also reachable by train through Da Nang Railway station or by plane through Da Nang International Airport then from Danang Bus station, take a minibus to Hoi An (1-1.5hours).



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