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Who is ‘World & Wild’?

Hey there! My name is Randy. I am originally from the Philippines. Founded in early 2015, World & Wild is the adobe of my travel stories, fearless adventures, knowledge and ideas for you to boost perceptions in places that I’ve been to. I want to be an inspiration to others to travel frequently especially on a tight budget, which is why I started blogging about my travels here on World& Wild.

How can you afford to travel a lot?

Since I am very new to blogging, I got not much from it. I rely my travels on earning points for free and discounted offers and  through my salary savings earned  from working several months abroad. I also do networking for extra income.

Your favorite destination is?

As much as I love my home country the Philippines, my favorite destination is Camiguin. When talking to other countries, I’ll pick Bagan, Myanmar. But that will change! It’s not constant.

Do you have someone traveling with?

Nope! 100% I just do it by myself all the time. Never been with someone but I hope someday I will and I’ll choose my family to be with me and my destiny. Hahahaha. Maybe you’ll throw me next if is it scary traveling alone? I’ll say no! It’s just a matter of courage.

Who take your photos?

As a solo traveler, most of my shots were taken by myself. I always have my tripod with me, set the timer of my phone or camera and done! I’m also not shy to ask anyone’s help if is it okay for them to take me a photo and plus you’ll become friends instantly. I am starting to learn video making likewise and hope to launch a channel in the future.

What camera do you use?

I started on mobile photography and video recording before and I’m using Lenovo S90-A. Then I bought Pentax XG-1 last year for more improvements.

Where have you travelled?

I am quite a slow traveler and counting places is out of my vocabulary, anyhow, I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar of course my home country the Philippines.

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