It’s great to have you here, welcome to World & Wild! My name is Randy, 25 years old having a wild feet and eager to discover one place at a time through my solo travelling. I founded WAW in the internet universe as a home for my travels & also to inspire others who want to travel and live an everyday life more daring. On this blog, I openly share travel tips, destinations & motivations, DIY, Foods and more.

I graduated college last year 2010. A Licenced Professional degree for Maritime Education. I started working overseas at the age of 21 in an oil firm company and through that I was able to help my family way back in the Philippines and at the same time save money for my travels. I travel a lot on a budget everytime when my months of contract ends. I began travelling since 2015. I love mountains as much as I love beaches. I always travel solo, that what makes me comfortable and flexible.

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